“Hop-on Hop-Off” Tour of Instructional Design (ADDIEville)

  • With tour guide Laura Armer

ADDIEville is the perfect place to visit this summer! Aboard this “tour bus”, you will see the wonders of the various phases of instructional design, stopping along the way at various points of interest to you. At each stop, you can “hop-off” the bus if you wish, to do a your choice of a self-guided tour, a guided tour, or to get the full experience, you can participate in each stop’s guided “excursion experience,” where you will create your own course elements, and receive feedback and help from Laura Armer.

All “excursion experiences” can apply to synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid courses, and in most cases, the experiences can apply to face-to-face instruction as well.

You can also choose to just stay on the bus until the next stop if you are not interested in a particular tour along the route.  Revisit any stops at your own pace at any time. This bus ticket never expires!

I look forward to hopefully seeing all of you reserve your spot for the summer tour bus!

You can hop-on the bus at a later stop during the summer by emailing Laura Armer (larmer@hawaii.edu) directly after May 31, 2021 to see if any seats are left.

Scheduled Stops

1: Online Course Analysis and Design Workshop (June 7 – 21)

A “must see” during this summer tour! This hybrid workshop will use the UHOIC PTTO online course as a base, for “self-guided tour” asynchronous work. You can choose to supplement the PTTO with five live Zoom sessions with me, as an additional “guided tour” option, where I will help you navigate the PTTO.

You can choose to go on the “excursion experience” at this stop, where you will have opportunities to do a deeper dive with your tour guide (Laura Armer) in areas of the “course map” (blueprint/design document), as well as personal feedback from me. This “excursion experience” results in a course blueprint/map for your entire course, based on best online course practices. This workshop is designed to have you plan your course completely in advance of building your course in Laulima (this is not a Laulima workshop). The live workshops will hopefully make it a fun experience!

2: Online Lesson Development Workshop (June 28 – July 9)

This hybrid workshop focuses on the “lesson” level, (equivalent to one week in your course), but this process can be replicated throughout your entire online course after the workshop ends. This workshop will run two weeks with four live sessions each week, in addition to daily asynchronous learning materials, resulting in one completely built out lesson in your Laulima course, using the Laulima Lessons Tool. This workshop results in a full lesson in Laulima in two weeks using a fast track Lesson Blueprint and Template.

Although this workshop experience is the same as the intensive version (May 17 – 21) with twice as much time, you could go on the same “excursion experience” again, this time at a slower pace, and create an additional week’s lesson for your course. If you “stayed on the bus” during the Stop 2 (Online Course Analysis and Design Workshop) you can still hop-off the bus for the Stop 3 excursion experience.

3: EdTech Luau for Online Learning (July 12 – 15)

Demonstrations of a variety of EdTech tools and associated pedagogical strategies will be the focus of this one week demonstration-style fully synchronous workshop. Two hour live demonstrations plus opportunities to practice using the tools will be held for four consecutive days. No prerequisites required.

4: Fundamentals of Online Course Implementation (July 19 – 30)

Hop-off the bus for a tour of the “nuts and bolts” strategies of actually teaching your online course. This excursion experience is hybrid, with two live sessions and asynchronous learning as well. No prerequisites required.

5: Fundamentals of Online Course Evaluation (August 2)

Stop here for a two hour synchronous-only workshop focusing on the quality elements of an online course, along with a demonstration of popular quality review checklists/rubrics. Learn how to find potential gaps in your online course, get ideas for potential improvement of your design, and optionally sign up for a review from me or a peer. (This is not related to end of course evaluations that students do, but rather a review of your course design and content elements in Laulima.)


Jun 07 2021 - Aug 02 2021