Hui ʻĀina Pilipili: Native Hawaiian Initiative

Native Hawaiian Initiative at the UH Mānoa College of Social Sciences provides a coordinated effort for the College as a Native Hawaiian place of learning under the University’s commitment to Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian knowledge. This initiative is comprised of current College programs developed by CSS faculty and works to expand the network of cooperating faculty across disciplines.

Our Kauhale programs strive to elevate Hawaiian knowledge by engaging students, staff, faculty, and communities beyond the campus; nurture research and pedagogy grounded in Hawaiian epistemology and values; and strengthen relationships with community partners.

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  • Patricia Amaral Buskirk, Associate Professor, School of Communications
  • Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Ulla Hasager, Associate Specialist, Director of Civic Engagement
  • Davianna Pōmaikaʻi McGregor, Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies
  • Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Noenoe Silva, Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Ty Kāwika Tengan, Associate Professor, Departments of Ethnic Studies & Anthropology
  • Lani Teves, Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s Studies

The following list is of courses offered by our faculty in the College of Social Sciences with Hawaiʻi, Pacific, and Indigenous content.


  • ANTH 323 Pacific Islands Archaeology
  • ANTH 350 Pacific Island Cultures
  • ANTH 370 Ethnographic Field Techniques
  • ANTH 419 Indigenous Anthropology
  • ANTH 447 Polynesian Cultures
  • ANTH 449 Anthropology of Melanesia
  • ANTH 464 Hawaiian Archaeology
  • ANTH 485 Pre-European Hawaiʻi
  • ANTH 486 Peoples of Hawaiʻi
  • ANTH 493 Oral History: Theory and Practice
  • ANTH 682 Applied Cultural Anthropology Practicum
  • ANTH 671 Applied Method and Theory in Hawaiian Archaeology


  • ECON 311 The Economy of Hawaiʻi
  • ECON 418 Pacific Island Economies

Ethnic Studies

  • ES 221 Hawaiians
  • ES 310 Ethnicity and Community: Hawaiʻi
  • ES 320 Hawaiʻi and the Pacific
  • ES 338 American Indian Experience
  • ES 340 Land Tenure and Use in Hawaiʻi
  • ES 455c Hawaiian Sovereignty in Pacific Context
  • ES 350 Economic Change and Hawaii People
  • ES 360 Immigration to Hawaiʻi and U.S.
  • ES 365 Pacific/Asian Women in Hawaiʻi
  • ES 370 Literatures of Hawaiʻi
  • ES 381 Social Movements in Hawaiʻi
  • ES 392 Change in the Pacific – Polynesia
  • ES 456 Racism and Ethnicity in Hawaiʻi
  • ES 480 Oceanic Ethnic Studies: Theories and Methods
  • ES 486 Peoples of Hawaii
  • ES 493 Oral History: Theory and Practice
  • ES 496 Special Topics in Ethnic Studies


  • GEOG 365 Geography of the Pacific
  • GEOG 366 Geography of Honolulu
  • GEOG 368 Geography of Hawaiʻi
  • GEOG 665 Seminar in Geography of the Pacific

Political Science

  • POLS 140 Introduction to Indigenous Politics
  • POLS 301 Hawaiʻi Politics
  • POLS 302 Native Hawaiian Politics
  • POLS 303 Topics in Hawaiʻi Politics
  • POLS 304 Indigenous Politics
  • POLS 309 Politics of Indigenous Language Revitalization
  • POLS 344 Nā Politika ma ka Nūhou Hawaiʻi – Politics in Hawaiian Language Media
  • POLS 605 Topics in Methodology: Indigenous and Narrative Methods
  • POLS 612 Hawaiian Political Thought: Theory and Method/Nā Manaʻo Politika Hawaiʻi
  • POLS 620 Introduction to Indigenous Politics
  • POLS 621 Politics of Indigenous Representation
  • POLS 642 Indigenous Peoples and Western Imperialism
  • POLS 684 Contemporary Native Hawaiian Politics
  • POLS 686 Politics of Hawaiʻi
  • POLS 720 Seminar: Indigenous Theory
  • POLS 776 Indigenous Nations and the Problems of Sovereignty
  • POLS 777 De colonial Futures

Public Administration

  • PUBA 641 Indigenous Governance


  • SOC 456 Racism and Ethnicity in Hawaiʻi
  • SOC 721 Social Change – Pacific Islands

Urban and Regional Planning

  • PLAN 632 Planning in Hawaiʻi and Pacific Islands

Women’s Studies

  • WS 306 Indigenous Women’s Health
  • WS 360 Pacific/Asian Women in Hawaiʻi

Donations go to support the Native Hawaiian Initiative at the UHM College of Social Sciences through activities to include but not limited to visiting speaker series, student recruitment, retention and matriculation efforts, and broader community engagement.