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Urban and Regional Planning

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) attracts a diverse faculty and student body who respond to the global need for cooperative responses to environmental crises, resource scarcity and socio-political conflicts. DURP takes a “whole society” approach to planning and works with various partners to deepen social and human understanding to increase resilience, sustainability and quality of life for all.

Major Academic Areas

  • Climate change, energy, and food systems
  • Natural disasters and resilience
  • Social justice and policy
  • Community and economic development
  • Globalization, urban economics and politics
  • Planning in Asia and the Pacific Islands
  • Urban design
  • Historic preservation
  • Conflict mediation and negotiation
  • Transportation and urban infrastructure


  • Environmental Planning and Sustainability fosters understanding of the phenomena of globalization, climate change, and environmental degradation along with strategies to improve ecological health and sustainability.
  • Land Use and Transportation focuses on planning for the development and sustenance of land and people through the wise use of land and natural resources, as well as the provision of transportation and other types of infrastructure such as water, wastewater, utilities, and communications systems.
  • Community Planning and Social Policy involves designing and facilitating inclusive planning processes for community development and social policies in areas such as housing, education, criminal justice, and health.
  • International Development emphasizes understanding of the wide array of planning issues from rapid urbanization to the provision of shelter and services in cities around the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance – DURP is also home to the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, which develops and delivers training and educational programs related to homeland security and disaster management, with specific focus on natural hazards, coastal communities and the special needs of island societies.

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Office: Saunders Hall 107
Telephone: (808) 956-7381