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Research and Innovation

The College is a leader among innovative research initiatives on the UH Mānoa campus by providing unique social science perspectives in areas essential to the University’s research efforts. Historically, the College and its Social Science Research Institute are at the forefront of subjects including economic forecasting, environmental change, health informatics, behavioral health and social innovation.

Impacting the World

Warming planet may cause plants to run out of time to grow.

Understanding droughts in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific Islands

Questioning the Out of Africa Theory

Research Opportunities

Discover the multitude of research opportunities for students and university scholars from around the world.

A Look at Emerging Issues

Learn about the dynamic research and explorations being conducted on relevant social science issues impacting today’s society.

Policy and Economy

Independent research and analysis are keys to positive change in the realms of public policy, economic growth and quest for peace.


Exciting research is taking place involving the study of the brain and human behavior, including health data and info technology.

Community and Society

A program, a center and an office prove that planning for the future can be more effective with verifiable knowledge.

Climate Change and Sustainability

Protecting the environment and battling the deleterious effects of climate change are high on the priority list of relevant research.