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As part of the College of Social Sciences, students not only gain access to internationally acclaimed programs and supportive faculty and staff, but discover a university experience like no other. A unique geographic location, combined with a rich cultural heritage, enable CSS students to meet others from around the world and gain insight into their lives and cultures.

Stories of CSS

Esports as a career? UH Mānoa is helping students prepare for it.

UH Mānoa student wins Facebook scholarship set up to fight “fake news.”

The accelerated journey to a graduate degree.

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Continue the academic journey through advanced studies, research and professional training.

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Earn degrees, certificates and credentials with the flexibility of multiple online programs.

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Move seamlessly from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree while saving time and money.


Enhance the American educational experience while enjoying a vibrant, multi-cultural setting and world-class instruction.

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Pursue innovative fields of study that cross academic disciplines and touch a myriad of interests.

Early College: Mānoa Academy

Hawaiʻi high schoolers can get a head start on college by earning transferable CSS credits at little to no cost.