College Internship Program

Internships primarily train students for future careers, but also integral to educational success. They help bridge students’ academic experiences and the world of work. We are also always willing to explore developing relationships and agreements with new partners on student, faculty, and organizational requests and recommendations. The CSS Internship Program program complements and supports existing internship and practicum opportunities in the College departments.


This list of opportunities is dynamic and changing, so please check back regularly.

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  • Please note that opportunities are a work in progress. Not all partnership organizations and businesses are ready to get started; and not all internships that we offer are listed yet.

Students considering an internship beyond what their major offers, can make use of the general CSS Internship Program’s Social Sciences Internship course (SOCS 489, 3-6 credits) and the many opportunities offered by the internship partners.

SOCS 489 is taught by two experienced social-sciences faculty: Dr. Ulla Hasager and Dr. Charles Petranek, who work closely together to give students the best and most meaningful internship experience.

Junior and senior years are best suited for undergraduate internships, but we have opportunities for students at all levels, including graduate internships. Our database contains internships that are with non-profit or for-profit organizations and businesses, paid or unpaid, and internships that can be chosen for credit or not.*

To get started, check out the opportunities offered and email us at In the email, please include as much as you can of the following information: Name, student ID#, major and level, interest areas for internships, specific opportunities from the database that you may be interest in, when you are looking to do the internship, whether you are enrolled in an internship credit-giving course (include course ID, instructor, and number of credits), and any other information that you may want to share. We will follow up with you from there.

* Internship without the credit option are exclusively and directly arranged between the student and the organization/business. The CSS Internship Program and the University have no obligations nor liability.

Sponsoring an intern can be a very positive and rewarding experience for the organizations and businesses involved. Whether non-profits or businesses, internships provide opportunities for experiencing fresh perspectives on services, processes, and products; seeing the world through the eyes of the next generation; building advocates for your organization/business; catching up with current academic knowledge in specific fields while collaborating with higher education faculty and students; identifying and training future employees; and undertaking special projects and short-term assignments.

To get started and to get more information, please see our Internship Program Description and Registration.

The CSS Internship Program is designed to complement and support existing internship and practicum opportunities in the departments. Faculty are welcome to make use of internship opportunities listed in our database for their own courses. The general Social Sciences Internship course (SOCS 489, please see above) is an alternative opportunity for students to earn credits for doing internships, which it is up to the department to approve as fulfilling requirements or electives in the major – either generally or on a one-by-one basis.

For more information, please email us at