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Emerging Issues

CSS conducts dynamic research and explorations of relevant social science issues impacting today’s society – from cultural and human dimensions to scientific processes. By drawing on and leveraging its connection to interdisciplinary expertise across the UH System, the College provides key business and community stakeholders with data-driven research and analysis that help form the basis of actionable, informed decision-making and effective policy solutions.

Daniel K. Inouye Initiative

The DKI Initiative is a living tribute to U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, who left an indelible mark on the State of Hawai‘i and shaped America into a more tolerant and inclusive society. It aims to advance public service leadership, democratic ideals and global awareness through academic programs, historic preservation, and civic engagement and outreach.

Health Policy Initiative

Acknowledging that the protection of the health and well-being of a community is key to its sustainability, the Health Policy Initiative addresses current and future healthcare concerns, including obesity, chronic ailments and medical complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and starting in 2020, COVID-19. The project, a joint collaboration of CSS and the UH Office of Strategic Health Initiatives, is a direct result of multiple stakeholders who understand the pressing need for more “big data” analytics, evaluations and needs assessments.

Japan-Hawaiʻi Socio-Economic Innovation Initiative

Japan and Hawaiʻi share a long and historically close relationship, which is recognized and bolstered through efforts of the Japan-Hawaiʻi Socio-Economic Innovation Initiative. The project empowers programs focused on mutual student exchange; socio-economic dialogue; tourism enhancement; and disaster risk response and environmental global stewardship. Participation and funding promote a better understanding of international socio-economic issues in Japan and Hawaiʻi, while developing shining examples of corporate social responsibility.

Initiative for COVID-19 Rapid Response Solutions

In early 2020, to combat coronavirus and its impact on the health and well-being of Hawaiʻi’s families, CSS launched the Initiative for COVID-19 Rapid Response Solutions. Its goal: to provide government, business and community stakeholders with data-driven research and analysis to better understand and address the pandemic’s social implications. Topics of interest include community resilience and emergency response; health and well-being of communities; economic vitality and recovery; mental health needs; and cultural considerations and implications.

The Social Sciences Effect

Powered by College faculty researchers, administrators and units, the Social Sciences Effect series addresses Hawaiʻi’s most urgent societal challenges with bold, quick actions to ultimately elucidate and inspire. These include popular and regularly scheduled webinars, drawing audience members from around the world due to the universal interest beyond the state’s borders to help mankind. The cooperative effort touches on topics such as monitoring economic impacts, alleviating hunger and food insecurity, and improving vaccination rates.