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College Ambassadors

The mission of the College Ambassador Program is two-fold: to connect and strengthen relations among students, alumni and CSS leadership; and to support the College and its initiatives. Ambassadors facilitate opportunities for CSS students to become active and empowered members of campus, local and global communities. Developing and fostering a vibrant student community for a full academic year, the Ambassadors work directly with the CSS Dean and leadership team to prepare them for leadership roles in a changing world.

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher.
  • Enrolled in at least 12 credits.
  • Declared undergraduate major in CSS.
  • Able to serve for the entire academic year.
  • Previous leadership experience is welcome.
  • Development and refinement of leadership and communication skills.
  • Hands-on experiences, while networking with professionals to advance careers in a variety of fields.
  • Networking with prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.
  • Knowledge about CSS and its programs.
  • Lasting friendships and associations.
  • An achievement award.
  • Attend and assist with College events, represent the College on and beyond campus, and support recruitment activities.
  • Positively portray the College to the University and outside communities.
  • Provide CSS students with information about career opportunities through events and Social Mānoa podcasts.
  • Provide student professional development events, including hosting talk-story sessions with alumni and other professional and social leaders.
  • Encourage and promote student clubs and honor societies.
  • Maintain a high activity level of the Registered Independent Organization SLAM (Social Leaders at Mānoa).
  • Provide opportunities for connection and collaboration between student clubs, through maintaining the administration of the CSS Presidents’ Council, including convening regular meetings of CSS student club presidents and College leaders.
  • Encourage student engagement in campus events.
  • Encourage student interest and participation in opportunities such as internships, scholarships, and mentorships.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Conduct group or individual campus tours and other activities for visiting international and national students and scholars, supporting Short-Term Programs and other College programs.
  • Abide by UHM Student Conduct Code and Academic Policies.

For questions about the College Ambassador program, please contact:

Ulla Hasager

Ulla Hasager

Director of Civic Engagement

Dean Hall 7

(808) 956-4218