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A CSS internship enriches classroom learning with professional work experience and allows the exploration of career options and first-hand perspectives in specific industries. It can help students make informed choices about a career path within a chosen field, build marketable skills, encourage networking with peers and professionals, and grant a competitive advantage during job searches.

The College offers its students numerous internship opportunities for future careers that bridge academic experiences with the world of work. CSS students can explore options at businesses, non-profit organizations, or federal, state or county government entities. Popular choices include:

  • Micro Internships – A growing field of short-term, professional assignments, comparable to tasks offered to a new hire or an intern. Students are placed in highly specific, project-based positions that are often performed virtually and taking place all over the world.
  • Mānoa Political Internship Program – A rare opportunity to work at the top levels of state and federal government.
  • INDOPACOM-UHM Mentoring Program for Intelligence – Offered in partnership with the United States Indo-Pacific Command, this new program affords student mentoring by intelligence professionals.

Next Steps

Sponsoring an intern is a rewarding experience. It provides businesses and organizations with the advantage of gaining fresh perspectives and insights on their products or services, strategies and plans, while also identifying and training potential future employees.

Businesses and organizations interested in establishing an internship program should submit an Internship Program Description and Registration form.

CSS faculty members may incorporate current internship opportunities listed in their courses or may consider the general Social Sciences Internship course (SOCS 489) as an alternative option for students.

For questions about the CSS internship program, please contact:

Ruben Campos

Ruben Campos

Student Support Specialist

Dean Hall 6

(808) 956-0655

Ulla Hasager

Ulla Hasager

Director of Civic Engagement

Dean Hall 7

(808) 956-4218