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The Value of a Social Science Degree

On the surface Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography and Environment, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Policy, Sociology, Urban and Regional Planning, and Women, Gender and Sexuality – may seem unrelated. However, at their core, they are unified by a single, driving desire to better understand the world through the lenses of different perspectives.

At CSS, students can strengthen their critical-thinking skills on the path to the pursuit of truth. They are urged to consider multiple perspectives and even challenged to take a fresh new look at perhaps long-held biases. In the process, their workplace skills are enhanced and their confidence heightened. The result is an augmented ability to clearly appreciate and understand the need for social change through courage and conviction.

The broad range of knowledge and skills gained are applicable to a variety of different careers, and make a degree in the social sciences a valuable commodity in the work force.

Graduates of the College of Social Sciences find employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Discover a few examples of possible career paths in your chosen field.