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Enrollment Pathways

The traditional college experience of graduating high school seniors immediately enrolling as university freshmen has been enhanced by changing times. Flexibility is the key. These days, CSS enrollment options include early admittance of high school students; transfer of credits and/or degrees from community colleges or other universities; or virtual undergraduate degrees or program certificates earned totally online.


Find deadlines, admission information and resources to take the first step on the journey to an undergraduate degree.

College Transfer: Aloha Pathways

Partnerships create a simplified transfer experience known as the Aloha Pathways.


Continue the academic journey through advanced studies, research and professional training opportunities.

CSS Online

The virtual experience is real at the College, where degrees, certificates and credentials can be earned without stepping on campus.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Pathways

Moving seamlessly from a bachelor’s to a master’s can save time and money.

CSS International

The pursuit of a CSS degree can include a life-changing visit to another country, resulting in an eye-opening and memorable experience.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Unique academic opportunities to pursue innovative fields of study that cross disciplines.

Early College: Mānoa Academy

Students from participating high schools can get a head start by earning transferable credits at little to no cost.